New Book - 12 Years A Growin'

After 12 years in existence & looking back on all the work that the Ballyduff Development Group have done over that time and all the achievements of the group it was decided that it would be nice to document everything in the form of a book.

As well as bringing everything together in one place it would be a valuable record of people and events in the village since the group was founded.

All the work that has been carried out over the past 12 years has essentially been a labour of love. We would like to think that we are just continuing some of the good work that has been done by people gone before us and we hope that we have sown the seeds for the continuation of this work by generations to come.


The book is a fantastic record of everything that has happened in the village over the past 12 years. It has been written and compiled by two of our development group members, Helen Murphy & Letitia Breen, who have put in long hours sourcing photographs & other material and getting the book into it's final form.

The book is available from any of the Ballyduff Development Group Committee members or by private messaging us on our Facebook page. (Click Facebook icon at top of page). Great value at €15.