5 Year Plan

Ballyduff Development Group has achieved a lot over it's 12 years in existence.

The results can be seen all around the village from the beautiful copper beeches, oaks and maples that have been planted in the church car park to the oasis of calm that is St. Columba's Park. The hidden Wizard of Oz themed  battery recycling facility in the bring centre is a joy to behold.

We don't intend to rest on our laurels and have plans for numerous other projects to further improve the village. We have developed a 5 year plan to outline the main projects and have also outlined some others that are more long term. Some of these include:

The provision of a footpath from the school to the church to make it safer for people travelling from one place to the other.

The 'undergrounding' of unsightly electrical cables throughout the village.

The installation of more street lighting and the replacement of existing lighting with lighting that is more energy efficient.

More details can be found in our '5 Year Development Plan', which can be found by clicking here.