We've just published a new book about Ballyduff village called - "12 years a growin'"


Waste Minimisation!


We want to find out how the local community deal with their waste materials and about their awareness of recycling facilities in the area.

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Bird Camera

Check out what's happening at the peanut bird feeder of our Ballyduff Development Group members.

We hope to bring you more cameras in the near future!


Enterprise Video Communications



Ballyduff, a picturesque village nestled in the foothills of Sliabh Bui mountain.

A peaceful oasis surrounded by woodlands and nature. The pace of life seems to stand still here so whether you are attending a wedding or visiting a friend why not stay awhile and visit some of the amenities the village has to offer.

A few moments spent in the village park listening to the tinkle of water in the babbling brook will provide a sense of calm to the weary traveller.